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Words On Wire

Pavla Beranova (CZ)

Birds has been considered in many cultures as symbols of freedom. Writing as a keeper of national traditions, memories and heritage. Czech artist Pavla Beranova transformed these values into 21 lightning objects with the use of short texts and poems that she collected in 16 world languages. The light penetrates perforated texts and projects on leafs of trees, grass or city pavements. Sound and music was composed by a Czech singer and composer Vladivojna La Chia.


Texts in all 16 languages are available here


Creative team:

Pavla Beranova, artistic leadership

Ivo Opl, construction

Vit Trunec, programming

Vladivojna La Chia, Sound and music

Jiri Suchanek, Project supervision


21 lightning objects (18 pieces 80cm long + tail, 3 pieces 100cm long + tail)
wi-fi controlled system of LED energy saving lights

Weight: around 5kg one piece
all pieces are battery powered [no cables needed]
sound and haze also are better to be connected via 230V, but battery sollution is also possible


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