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Open Call For Proposals

PRISMA / ART LIGHT TECH  festival in Aveiro [Portugal] invites artists, designers, light artists and lighting professionals as well as students and institutions to submit their proposals for the 2022 edition which will take place during nights 14 and 15 October 2022.

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About Festival

PRISMA festival was established in 2019 and is organized by Teatro Aveirense, Aveiro 2027 and the Aveiro City Council. It takes light as its raw material, creating a script of artistic works in the public space. The festival combines several works of contemporary art, including projections, installations and shows of sound and light, presented in various spaces in the city, inviting everyone to the exploration and (re) discovery of the city through a new light. The festival also makes an important contribution to the growth of the creative industries in Aveiro, with actions that promote cooperation between creatives, students, artists and companies. It also wants to make a contribution to good environmental management, drawing attention to energy efficiency and inviting the use of soft modes of mobility.

Open Call Details

Main theme of PRISMA 2022 is “FORTRESS EUROPE“. Fortress Europe is a controversial term that was used during WWII by both sides. Each of them considered it in a different context. After 8 decades we are not far from this dangerous paradox. Nowadays Europe is still major keeper of traditions and democracy, real fortress of tradition and freedom. We are able to join forces immediately once one of our allies is in danger, but on the other hand, argue about rules of migration or energy resources. Most of the nowadays world is privileged to live in exceptional period of global piece, but everyone feels how fragile this equilibrium is…PRISMA 2022 is not different and presents the values of freedom and need for joint European space in its own creative artistic way.


PRISMA is purely OUTDOOR festival lasting 2 days [Friday and Saturday 8pm – 12pm + public rehearsal on Thursday]. Windy climate in this region needs to be taken into consideration for the proposals. The open call for PRISMA 2022 is addressed to 1 specific location of Parque Infante Dom Pedro – area around and including the summer Coreto do Parque Municipal.

All kinds of light installations are welcome: immersive projection, statue-like projects or so. 


Total budget including the artistic fee, technical cost, material, transportation and accommodation for this installation is 8.000 EUR + VAT [if applicable]. Beyond this budget the festival will provide for its own expenses guides, security and electricity [if needed].

Complete proposals based on requirements above shall be submitted via email not later than 31 Aug 2022.

Please download details of the open call HERE.

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