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Open Call For Proposals

City of Aveiro is keen to support another CAPACITY BUILDING activity addressed to PROFESSIONALS in field of STAGE LIGHT DESIGN within the festival PRISMA ART | LIGHT | TECH which will take place 6 and 7 Oct 2023. As a creative playground will serve majestic building of Palácio de Justicia at Praca de Marqués in Aveiro.


The aim is to select via this open call 3 light designers [or teams of 2] who will deliver their own piece of 3-4 minutes combining the light show with original music.


Three selected artists will receive a contracted fee of 700 EUR for the realization of the production of a 3-4 minute piece combining the light show with original music. All 3 pieces will be showcased in a loop mode during the festival weekend from 6 and 7 October 2023. The winner selected by the jury will receive another 1.000 EUR as a prize money.


In order to maintain fair competition all the artists will be provided with the same technical setup.

Art Shifters

About Festival

PRISMA festival was established in 2019 and is organized by Teatro Aveirense and the Aveiro City Council. It takes light as its raw material, creating a script of artistic works in the public space. The festival combines several works of contemporary art, including projections, installations and shows of sound and light, presented in various spaces in the city, inviting everyone to the exploration and (re) discovery of the city through a new light. The festival also makes an important contribution to the growth of the creative industries in Aveiro, with actions that promote cooperation between creatives, students, artists and companies. It also wants to make a contribution to good environmental management, drawing attention to energy efficiency and inviting the use of soft modes of mobility.

Open Call Details


Contestants are invited to submit an artistic concept, including:

  • Text description of their vision about the show including the experience of the artist relevant to the show 500 – 1000 symbols [English is preferred, but Portuguese also OK]

  • At least 30 seconds example of the music or at least mood sound for the show

  • At least 30 seconds of simulation of the light show [not necessarily]



  • Concept submission – 12 Sep

  • Selection of 3 finalist – 13 Sep

  • Rehearsals on location – 5 Oct

  • Show – 6 and 7 Oct between 21:00 and 23:59 [show no.1 – break 1 min – show no.2 – break 2 min – show no.3 – break 5 min]

  • Winner announcement – 7 Oct 23:00




PRISMA 2023 is dedicated to humanity's relationship with nature. Its title is 'No Problemo', an ironic expression lately seen in clothing and very popular in the 90s due to the film 'Terminator', where a cyborg appeared from the future to save humanity. Above all, it can be said that 'no problemo' is the expression that best reflects the attitude of human beings towards the environment, ignoring the signs that show that they are on the path to catastrophe due to the excessive exploitation of natural resources and the use of polluting energy sources.

In this context, one may remember the many artists who have assumed the role of voice of conscience, warning of the dangers of a negligent attitude towards nature. This edition of PRISMA highlights it, bringing together a group of creators who, through the combination of art and technology, are dedicated to celebrating the natural beauty of our planet. Each in its own way, show that it is possible to think of a balance between the elements of this complex equation we call life.

Returning to the current trend of using quotes on t-shirts, an old indigenous saying can be suggested to remember that “we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. Or a simpler ‘big problem adelante’.



Palacio Justicia - Praça Marqués de Pombal


You are indeed invited to express your concept paying homage to the spirit of the location, its presence and to the architecture languages embedded in its vision.

It is of course welcome that the theme of the festival “NO PROBLEMO” will be accented in the creation.  However this leitmotif could also serve only as a supportive element for the show. Primary goal is to create a show where you perfectly match the architecture, light and sound…and of course make the audience happy!




The jury is composed of the following members:

  • Jiri Suchanek, PRISMA Curator

  • Simão Gomes, Lightning Professional 

  • apointed representative of Aveiro Municipality

The organiser reserves the right to change the composition of the jury also after the beginning of the competition.


The jury will pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The interpretation and presentation of the architecture, taking into account the spirit and presence of the location

  • The technical and artistic quality of the work

  • Response of the audience



Please send your CONCEPT SUBMISSION to email by 12 Sep 2023. Feel free to use any of the data transfer service for bigger data.

Participants may only upload entries for which full copyright is held. Submissions that do not meet requirements or that are incomplete will likewise be excluded.

Upon submission of projects, participants accept the validity of the regulations and agree to respect all decisions of the jury. The jury is not required to justify any decisions to participants.


Download the list of the lightning equipment and a model HERE.

For a reference you can see the short example work of Mr. Tomas Karban from the pilot edition within PRISMA 2022 HERE.

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