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Benedikt Tolar (CZ)

Living statue I VANA BE of Benedikt Tolar is the artist's artistic response to the theme of water as a precious resource, which he connects with the principles of up-cycling of outdated bathroom bathtubs that inherently belong to socialist housing in high-rise buildings.


I VANA BE ... "32, white, horizontal x vertical, purity, cleansing, baptism, womb - eternal longing for return, phallus, eternal longing for heaven, standard, middle class, 6,080 liters of water, scarcity x surplus...

Height: 6,5m (with base 6,8m)
Diameter: 2m

Weight: 2t statue + 3,5t concrete base
Concrete base 2.35,x 2.35 x 0.3 m
32 used enamel baths
Material: enamel, rubber, steel, paint (extra lights and sound in the live version)
32 LED lights, audio

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